Online Therapy for Beginners

Clients can choose to take a phone call or a video call.  If you prefer a video call, you will be emailed a link.  At the appointed time, please click on the link, and a window will open with the video platform. Your therapist will join you there. If you prefer a phone call, ensure that your phone is charged enough for an hour's talk, or have the charger close by.

Getting ready to begin

  • You might find it handy to have a notepad and pen ready.
  • Have your mobile or home phone close by - if the connection is interrupted or the call drops out, your therapist will immediately take steps to reconnect or ring you.

Technical issues:

If available, a laptop or desktop computer with a strong Wifi connection is preferable to a tiny mobile phone screen.  For video connections, if you are using a mobile phone we may be drawing on your data, and there may be a cost for data usage, depending on your mobile phone plan. Please check with your provider if you are unsure.

An ideal therapy space is...

  • comfortable and private,  in easy reach of a non-alcoholic beverage  and a box of tissues.
  • out of earshot of other people, so that you may speak freely about sensitive issues.
  • away from potential distractions and interruptions  (eg. children, pets, needy partners, traffic, public places with a lot of activity.)
  • available for following sessions, to build a comfortable familiarity with the process of therapy and develop a sense of continuity.

Staying present and focused

  • There is a risk that getting too comfortable (eg. snuggled up in bed or lying on the couch) may actually make you sleepy and unfocused. Just for an hour, find a spot that provides a nice balance between being comfortable, and being alert.
  • Just as in face to face sessions, taking alcohol or other sedatives before or during our sessions will decrease concentration and interfere with your memory of the session. 
  • Please turn off the notifications on your mobile phone just for an hour.
  • Please plan your meals and snacks before or after the session. Your therapist may be hungry too and can become distracted.