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Clinical psychologists are trained to use evidence based treatment. These are methods that have been scientifically tested for safety and effectiveness. Our job is to take the science and translate it into a treatment plan that addresses the needs of each client.

The rewards of good therapy are created within a relationship of mutual trust and respect. We follow strict professional codes of conduct and ethics around confidentiality and privacy, and I welcome any questions you may have about the safety of your information. During our initial sessions, we figure out together what is most important for you to get out of therapy, and draw up a plan together. Sometimes, the plan could involve collaborating with your GP, psychiatrist, or other significant people in your life.

The duration of treatment varies according to what you need. We will spend some time developing realistic, achievable goals. This may depend on the amount of time you are able to give to therapy. Some clients come through like a race car at a pit stop. Others may be able to invest more time to make long term changes.

Professional Bio
Since graduating from Sydney University with a Master of Clinical Psychology 24 years ago, I have worked as a clinical psychologist in both private and public sectors. I have enjoyed a broad range of work as a member of several multidisciplinary adult mental health teams around Greater Sydney ( St George and Sutherland, Macarthur Mental Health, Central Sydney and Northern Beaches Mental Health Services) including three early intervention services for psychosis over 8 years.

I started my first private practice in Dee Why in 2010, then moved to the Central Coast in 2017. There, I was a group facilitator for inpatient and outpatient treatment programs for depression and anxiety at Berkeley Vale Private Hospital, while continuing private practice work in Erina, Wyong and then Ourimbah.

I am enthusiastic about the science of psychology, and I avidly follow new developments in psychological therapies for psychosis, trauma, depression and anxiety. I have delivered lectures at the University of Western Sydney, supervised intern and registrar psychologists, and given talks to community organisations to promote greater understanding of mental health. In 2020, I was a clinic supervisor for the Psychology Clinic (Ourimbah) at the University of Newcastle, supervising clinical Masters students.

In February 2022, I am excited and privileged to join a group of excellent clinicians at The Psychological Health Centre in Dee Why.