A referral from a GP is not required for private appointments. However,  under the Better Access to Mental Health Care program, clients referred by a GP or psychiatrist are eligible for a rebate of $129.55 per 50 minute session when they see a clinical psychologist under a Mental Health Care Plan. For more information, please talk to your GP, or read more about the Better Access program.
NEW rebates for telehealth (eg. phone, video conferencing) sessions now available from Medicare to support people affected by the COVID-19 crisis. Please check with your GP about your eligibility.

Private rates:
Standard Consultation ( 50- 60 minutes) $240.00

Long Consultations ( 90 minutes) $350.00

A Medicare rebate for the private rates is available if referred under a Mental Health Care Plan by a GP or psychiatrist. For more information, see  rebates under the Better Access To Mental Health Care program.

Many private health covers do offer limited rebates for psychological therapy, but the terms and conditions vary widely.  The best way to be sure is to contact your private health insurance company for more information about your existing cover.
Talking about traumatic events risk setting off a series of highly distressing reactions that most people would prefer to avoid. This presents a strong disincentive to seek help, so help is often delayed.  This could mean years of living with a lower quality of life, and increasing sense of helplessness and shame.

Much of this can be avoided if people come to their first few sessions of therapy with the understanding that the therapist will not be immediately examining the details of the traumatic events.  Instead, the priority is to establish a strong and safe working relationship first, and to offer clear information about what to expect in therapy for trauma. Then we proceed at a pace  that is tolerable to the client.
Living with and caring for someone with a chronic illness or disability can present many unique challenges of its own. According to the Mental Health Commission of NSW,  1 in 3 carers are living with high to very high levels of distress. This demanding role carries high risk of burn out and development of mental health problems.

Carers can benefit from setting aside a regular therapy time to attend to their own needs around resolving grief, learning better stress management approaches, and managing trauma reactions.

There are other supportive resources available to carers that is worth taking a look at: Carers NSW and more specifically for carers of people with a mental illness, the Family and Carers Mental Health Program.
Anxiety and depression symptoms are naturally occurring in many life situations and many mental health conditions. The first step is to take a close look at how you have been affected and what kind of changes would be most meaningful for you. Then we will discuss what kind of therapy is most likely to bring you the results you want.
Since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, many health services are now offering 'telehealth' options to support 'social distancing' for the protection of the patients and the health care providers. Psychologists are offering phone and online video contact in place of face to face sessions. At the appointed time, you can either select to receive a phone call or click on a video link sent with the booking to start a standard session. Medicare will offer the same rebates for Telehealth sessions as for face to face sessions until the end of September 2020. We are awaiting news about whether the government will act to extend this arrangement beyond September.
Phone sessions
At the appointed time, I shall ring you on your mobile number, unless you indicate you prefer to use a different number. Please ensure that you are in a private place where you can speak freely about sensitive issues without interruptions, and you are able to sit/ stand/ walk ( but no driving, please!) comfortably for 50 - 60 minutes. If the phone connection is poor and we drop out, I will ring you back.
Video sessions
When you make the appointment and indicate a preference for a video session, you will be emailed a link for a 'Zoom' session. Just before the appointed time, please click on the link and follow the instructions. If I follow the instructions correctly on my end too, my face should pop up on your screen at the appointed time. Just as for phone sessions, please ensure that you are at a private location where you can speak freely about sensitive issues, without interruptions. If for any reason the video connection is interrupted, I will be scrambling on my end to reconnect with you, or I will ring you on your mobile.